The logo design process

So, you're probably wondering how this all goes. If you've never worked with a logo designer, it's probably a little scary and you''re not sure how the whole 'logo thing' works. That's OK, I'll run you through the basics of my creative process and what it will entail.

Essentially, there are four stages to my logo design creative process, each with a specific purpose. Prior to any concept or design work there is an information gathering procedure that needs to happen in order to accurately explore appropriate design directions.

Stage one.

The design options will be created using the information provided by you in a simple 'creative brief' and hopefully speaking with you in person. Taking your time to fill it out accurately will ensure a successful solution. I will send you a PDF of this form upon receiving your request a quote message.

The creative brief input you provide is used to focus on the creative development process and to prevent wasted time and call-backs to the client. I will also utilize any additional information you may have provided in our conversations.

On average, I will provide you with up to three (3) color design options e-mailed to you for your review. Depending on your budget or any additional project requirements, that number may increase or decrease.

Stage two.

Choose one of the three (3) design options to pursue.

Stage three.

Revisions: New color exploration, change of font usage, sizing etc., taking the details and fine tuning the precision so your new logo is refined to a polished state. Revisions do not include new design options unless previously agreed upon before the creative process has started.

Stage four.

Finalized logo design. No further tweaks or revisions needed. This is your new logo identity. Ready to be used on all future marketing and promotional material. Included with your completed logo, I will provide you with industry standard file formats (AI, EPS, JPEG) and a basic identity guideline sheet for using your logo. Of course, these items are dependent on your approved estimate agreement.

Applications of the logo | marketing materials

From here, I can help you with various corporate identity and marketing materials, including promotions and online design. They could include: stationery, specialty items, brochures, advertising, screen prints, signage, packaging and websites. However, this is not included in the price quoted for logo/identity development (unless previously requested). If you would like a quote on these items, please ask.


Great. I''m ready. So how much will this cost?

Pricing is based on several factors which can include, organization size, global reach, planned usage, possible versions and of course, client budget. This is not meant to be intentionally vague, but it is not a one-size-fits-all answer. I do not offer logo package pricing, because I do not believe in it. Although it is a convenient way to do business, it would be a disservice to you, the client. Because, you and your business are unique in your own way. You have different requirements, different needs and different corporate or marketing goals that you may want to reach. With that, you need a specialized logo design, not something off the rack.

What I do is create custom logos for my clients. And with a custom logo, you get a custom price structure. If you're ready to move forward with a quote, I will be happy to provide you with one.