What to Expect

My creative process

So, you're probably wondering how this all goes. If you've never worked with a designer or illustrator, it's probably a little scary and you're not sure how the whole 'creative thing' works. That's OK, I'll run you through the basics of my process and what it will likely entail.

1) Initial meeting and project discussion - Details and specifications of your project discussed - Free estimate prepared and submitted

2) Estimate approved - Client signs estimate and provides 50% deposit - Client completes creative brief - Any additional questions are asked

3) First round of concepts provided & presented - Concepts submitted via email PDF - Complete creative rationale for client review

4) Client reviews work and submits feedback - Feedback reviewed - Any additional questions discussed

5) Second round of concepts submitted - Client requests addressed - Additional adjustments made

6) Client reviews work & additional changes - An additional round is provided if needed - Additional rounds may require extra fees

7) Final refinements submitted for approval - Last tweaks made to artwork files - Client approves and provides final sign off - Files prepared according to vendor specs

8) Final artwork prepared for delivery - Artwork files uploaded to studio or vendor FTP - Files backed up and safely archived

9) Final invoicing submitted - A final invoice is prepared and sent via email


Great. I'm ready. So how much will this cost?

Pricing is based on several factors which can include, organization size, global reach, planned usage, possible versions and of course, client budget. This is not meant to be intentionally vague, but it is not a one-size-fits-all answer. I do not offer package pricing, because I do not believe in it. Although it is a convenient way to do business, it would be a disservice to you, the client. Because, you and your business are unique in your own way. You have different requirements, different needs and different corporate or marketing goals that you may want to reach. With that, you need a specialized design, not something off the rack.

So, are you ready?